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We provide a safe place for you to tap into the deeper part of yourself for insight and learning and reconnect with your inner resources for change. With the tools of narrative hypnosis and our innovative coaching techniques you can rewrite your past, learn to enjoy present and strategically design a better future.

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Elena Mosaner on hypnosis and how is can help you.

We’re Live with certified hypnotist, Elena Mosaner. She’ll teach us all how to hypnotize ourselves into slimming down, getting over a broken heart and live your best life. Check out her site: http://www.insidehypnosis.com/

Posted by Family Circle on Wednesday, October 11, 2017


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AlphaMind Blog by Elena Mosaner

Your New Chapter self-hypnosis audio

Hi there! Thanks for expressing your interest in our signature workshop called Your New Chapter. The goal of the course is to help you deign Your New Chapter in life and actually begin living it. In our 3-day course you will design your own audio hypnosis session with a full description of this New Chapter.  Please sign up for the newsletter in [...]

Joe Rogan’s take on coaching profession needs clarification

Article by Elena Mosaner I watched a recent Joe Rogan podcast on August 16th, with a former welterweight fighter and UFC commentator Dan Hardy. At the beginning of the podcast, they had a small discussion about coaching as a profession. I would like to comment, as I think there was some misunderstanding on their part on the coaching profession as a whole. [...]

Mental Hygiene: Why Meditation is more important than ever to keep our mind intact.

Article by Alexa Jones Health. The first thing that comes to mind when hygiene is mentioned. Throughout modern history, a lot of energy has been spent on teaching younger human beings the benefits of personal hygiene so that they imbibe it early on. Parents insist that their kids brush their teeth twice a day and watch them while they do it; parents [...]

How Sports Hypnosis Gives Athletes the Subconscious Advantage

By Tony Sokol How hypnosis for sports helps athletes enhance their game and focus Athletes train to achieve maximal results with a minimum of effort. A one-two combination punch in a boxing ring, saving energy for a last minute sprint on the field, or workout cycles in the gym. With sports hypnosis athletes can enhance performance while they sleep. The mental state [...]

The Hypnotic History of Hypnotherapy From Dream Temples to NLP and Modern Say Hypnotism

The Hypnotic History of Hypnotherapy From Dream Temples to NLP and Modern Day Hypnotism. Article by Tony Sokol Hypnosis is an old practice. Only the word is relatively new. But subconscious programming, meditation with intent, has been around for centuries in the form of prayer, chants, exorcism, animal magnetism, Mesmerism, and natural fatigue. For centuries, trained stage magicians and untrailed snake charmers [...]

What Happens to the Brain During Hypnosis.

What Happens to the Brain During Hypnosis.​​​​​​​ Article by Tony Sokol This article was originally published on HypnoCloud on December 22nd, 2015 THERE ARE PLENTY OF STUDIES AND RESEARCH IN SCIENCE TO EXPLAIN HOW HYPNOSIS WORKS AND WHAT HAPPENS TO THE HYPNOTIZED BRAIN. When most people think of hypnosis, they picture someone standing on stage, a dangling pocket watch in hand, making [...]