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Hypnosis for Weight Loss

One of the main causes for weight gain is poor eating habits and lack of exercise. It is possible to lose weight if you build a healthy relationship with food and exercise regularly. Hypnosis therapy can help you process a new strategy for weight loss, commit to it and act on it.

For example, eating less sugar, avoiding junk food and high calorie fattening or processed foods could naturally lead to weight loss. Eating slowly and consuming less food and calories can lead to a significant change in your weight as well.

You can determine how often you want to exercise, and the type of exercise you prefer. All of this information can be communicated to your unconscious mind during the state of hypnosis.

If you make healthy eating and regular exercise as part of your lifestyle, you could shed the extra pounds naturally.

Depending on your goals, two to five sessions are recommend. If you choose to work on one issue, like helping you with exercise motivation or helping you overcome certain cravings, then two sessions per issue will be sufficient.

Should you choose a 5-session program, each of the five sessions will focus on a specific topic. You will also receive a complimentary 7-day weight loss audio program.

Session 1: Length – 1,5 hour. Introduction.

During the session your hypnotherapist will explain how hypnosis works and go over your goals and expectations. You will experience a hypnotic relaxation and programming of the mind to build healthy eating habits and regular exercise. Visualization of a desired body image and measurable results will be introduced during the state of hypnosis.

Many clients claim they feel more confident dating or getting a desired job or an audition after a session. They report being more motivated to create, feeling clear-headed, focused and driven to build businesses, being more social etc. The desired benefits from weight loss and regular exercise can be shown to you while you are in a deep relaxed state of trance. Once the mind sees what you want, you will feel naturally motivated to act and behave in a new way with regards to weight loss.

Session 2 Length – 1 hour. Exercise Motivation.

Session 2 is focused on exercise motivation. Everyone is different and the preference for the type of exercise varies from person to person. We outline a personal exercise program for each client. This plan is introduced to the subconscious mind, the benefits of exercise are shown, increasing the level of motivation in the waking state.

Session 3. Length – 1 hour. Mental Gastric Band. Eat slowly Eat less.

This hypnosis session is designed to help you develop healthy eating habits. You will be trained to naturally eat slowly, to consume less, and to stay away from fattening, processed foods and sugar. During the session we focus on a suggestion to become a gourmet of food, which is to eat at a slower pace and savor your food as you chew it slowly before swallowing. Your stomach will have a tendency to shrink as the days go by and you will begin to require less food to feel satisfied. This is very much like getting a gastric band bypass surgery, except that it is all in your mind.

Session 4. Length – 1 hour. Self Esteem and positive self image.

This hypnosis session will help you boost self esteem and confidence. Clients are given ego-strengthening suggestions for positive thinking. Positive associations with healthy body images and weight loss are reinforced. This hypnosis session can be used to help overcome and cut ties to emotional eating or any addictions to specific types of food.

Session 5. Length – 1 hour. Reinforcement of healthy eating and exercise.

Hypnosis brings more powerful results with repetition. Programming from previous sessions are reinforced in the last hypnosis session for better and longer-lasting results.

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